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About Medusa Hotel International

Founded in 1994, Medusa Hotel International is a Romanian company, operating in the tourism industry. The company provides high-level integrated tourism services, in its own or leased premises.

Romania – a touristic country

Anyone coming to Romania is simply fascinated by its amazing places such as Bran Castle, Peleș Castle, the Moldavian Monasteries, Vulcanii Noroioși (Muddy Volcanoes), Transfăgărășan, Sarmizegetusa, Danube Delta, and so many others. For further details, we recommend: România Turistică and România Explorer.

Our Mission and Vision

Medusa Hotel International has made a mission out of providing integrated tourism services at the highest standards of quality and comfort. That is why the team of Medusa Hotel International is permanently looking for new possibilities and is designing specific tourist programs and events throughout Romania, in its own or leased premises, thus contributing to promoting locations with underexplored touristic and economic potential. Medusa Hotel International has also made a goal to permanently invest in the development and diversification of its services to the benefit of its customers, of its business locations, and, last but not least, in order to build a strong reputation on the market, one that speaks of quality and professionalism.

Our Values

We are:

○ customer-oriented;                          ○ socially responsible;

○ involved in sustainable projects; ○ committed to continuous development.

Our core principles

Our ambition is to be the best. And in order to achieve that we never stray from our core principles.
○ We target customer satisfaction as a reward for their trust in us;
○ We always provide quality – this is one thing that singles out our services;
○ Professionalism at its highest level is the key word for our employees and collaborators;
○ Our facilities are beautifully designed to invite our customers enjoy life to its fullest;
○ We protect the environment we live in and live by the principles of sustainable development.